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Essential Tools and Apps For the Work From Home Setup

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Working from home can be a great way to save money on daycare or avoid the dreaded rush-hour traffic. But it can also be challenging to get into the right work groove when you’re not in an office setting. That’s why it’s essential to have the right tools and apps for the job! This blog post will discuss the tools and apps for your work from home setup.

The Work From Home Setup

Work from home is a setup wherein employees work from home instead of traveling to a physical office. This arrangement is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances and employers become more open to remote work.

According to research conducted by JobStreet, 52% of Filipino employees have been working from home for years. During the COVID-19 epidemic, it increased to 85 percent. And even after the height of the pandemic, 49% still prefer to work from home.

Now that the country is facing inflation and heavy traffic consuming most of the commuters’ time, this setup offers myriad advantages to both employees and employers.

Some of the key benefits of working from home include the following:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency, as employees can better focus on their work without the distractions of a busy office environment.
  • Cost savings, as employees no longer have to spend money on transportation or childcare expenses when they work from home.
  • Flexibility and enhanced work-life balance, as employees can take advantage of more flexible working hours to better manage other life responsibilities.
  • Avoid heavy traffic. The business mirror estimates that the typical Filipino loses over 188 hours of their lives per year due to being trapped in traffic during peak commute times.
  • Avoid viruses or illness by staying at home. Compared to working outdoors, the risk of getting sick is lesser because you are not exposed to viruses in open spaces.
  • Convenient, especially if you have a child or an elderly in the house. With this setup, you can efficiently juggle your responsibilities as a parent and still be productive at work.
And the list goes on, but to be successful when working from home, it’s important to have the right tools and apps to help you stay productive and organized.

Tools for the Work-From-Home Setup

Some of the critical tools that every work-from-home professional should have in their toolkit include:

A good computer and reliable internet connection

A fast, reliable computer and internet connection are essential for any work-from-home professional. This allows you to effectively manage your projects and collaborate with your colleagues, no matter where you are.

If you’re planning to enter the Virtual Assistant world, you’ll need a laptop that can handle heavy workloads since you’ll be doing a lot of content creation and digital marketing for your clients. A computer with a large storage capacity can also help you manage large files and project archives more efficiently and securely store your client’s data.

Some suggestions are: 

– Apple MacBook Pro

– Dell XPS 15

– Microsoft Surface Book

A Comfortable Working Space

If your computer is in your bedroom, you will have trouble sleeping at night. If your office is in the living room, then you will constantly be interrupted by family or friends. Finding a comfortable and private place to work from home is essential for productivity.

Some considerations for your working space might include the following:

– A separate room or desk area that is free from distractions and noise

– Natural light to help you stay alert and focused throughout the day

– Flexible furniture arrangements, so you can easily make changes as needed when working on different projects or tasks

A good chair and desk

Your chair should be comfortable and supportive, so you don’t get backache after a long work day. Your desk should be large enough to accommodate your computer, printer, and other office supplies.

A way to be organized

Working from home can often lead to distractions, and it is easy to lose track of what you are working on if you are not organized. An excellent way to stay organized is by using a planner or calendar to track your deadlines and appointments. You can also use a to-do list to keep track of the tasks you need to complete each day. Other valuable tools for staying organized include project management software, cloud storage services, and time-tracking apps.

Some useful tools to help you stay organized include:

– Mini Cabinet for your papers

– Planner Journal

– Calendar

Apps for the Work-From-Home Setup

Task management application

Whether you use a physical planner, an app on your phone, or a cloud-based task manager, tracking your to-do lists and deadlines can be beneficial when working from home.

Some of the most popular task management apps include:

– Todoist

– Wunderlist



File sharing and collaboration tools

Whether you are working with clients or colleagues, having a reliable way to share and collaborate on files is essential for effective communication and productivity.

Some of the most popular file-sharing services include:

– Dropbox

– Evernote

– Google Drive

– Box

Planner or a calendar

This application can be handy for those who work from home, as it allows you to create and edit tables with data. We will show you the best applications in this category so that you can get the most out of your work.

Some of the most popular planning and calendar apps include:


– Microsoft Planner

– Google Calendar

– Tungle. me

Additional Resource for you:

Word processor

This is an essential application for those who work from home, as it allows you to create documents, letters, and other files. We will show you the best applications in this category, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some of the most popular word-processing applications include:

– Microsoft Word

– Pages

– Google Docs

– Scrivener (for writing long documents)

Whatever tools you choose, finding a setup that enables you to be productive and efficient while working from home is essential.


This application can be beneficial for those who work from home, as it allows you to create and edit tables with data. We will show you the best applications in this category so that you can get the most out of your work.

Some of the most popular spreadsheet applications include:

– Microsoft Excel

– Numbers

– Google Sheets

Wrapping Up

Whether working from home for your own business, managing a remote team, or collaborating with clients and colleagues online, having the right tools and setup is essential for success. With so many different options available, knowing which ones are best suited to your needs can be challenging. But by researching and testing various tools and applications, you can find the correct setup for your work-from-home needs. Good luck!

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