Become A SEO Expert And Earn As Much as $25 Per Hour



Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: The Basics
Video 3: What is a search engine?
Video 4: How does search work?
Video 5:What is SEO?
Video 6: Why is SEO important?
Video 7: How much traffic each page and rank gets?
Video 8: The three pillars of ranking
Video 9: Relevance
Video 10: Trust
Video 11: Quality
Video 12: Google Penguin Update
Video 13: Google Panda Update
Video 14: Google Hummingbird Update
Video 15: Google Pigeon Update
Video 16: Google Rankbrain Update
Video 17: One strategy to deal with all updates
Video 18: What are keywords and how to research them
Video 19: Obtaining a huge list of keywords
Video 20: Identifying Keywords That’ll Get You Traffic
Video 21: High Competition vs Low Competition
Video 22: Keyword Targeting A Shot In The Dark
Video 23: Progressive SEO Strategy
Video 24: What is Mobile Compatibility
Video 25: What Robots txt Does for Your Search Ranking
Video 26: How to Create and Submit a Sitemap Correctly
Video 27: Why HTTPS is So Important for Search
Video 28: Outbound Links
Video 29: Valid HTML
Video 30: Site Performance and Ranking

Video 31: Semantic HTML
Video 32: What is Link building?
Video 33: Why will link building never go away
Video 34: How to Build Links That Benefit You
Video 35: How Social Media Affects SEO?
Video 36: How Facebook Affects SEO?
Video 37: How Twitter Affects SEO?
Video 38: How Pinterest works with SEO?
Video 39: Introducing Google Analytics
Video 40: Why Use Google Analytics?
Video 41: Analyzing Keywords in Analytics
Video 42: Demographs and Other Data
Video 43: Other Analytics Tools
Video 44: How Much Content You Should Video 45: Have On Page?
Video 46: How Many Types Of Content to Target?
Video 47: Using Analytics To Design Better Content
Video 48: Why Consistency Will Win Over Everything Else?
Video 49: How to Curate Content and Win?
Video 50: How to Get Content Ideas
Video 51: Site Not Listed In Google
Video 52: Rankings Dropping Fast
Video 53: Site Penalized By Penguin
Video 54: What is Local SEO?
Video 55: Targeting Local SEO Keywords
Video 56: Getting Citations
Video 57: What Is Extra Metadata
Video 58: Microformats, Rich Snippets & Schema
Video 59: Seo Death – Part 1
Video 60: Seo Death – Part 2
Video 61: Why SEO Will Never Go Out Of Fashion
Video 62: Hiring The Right SEO Agencies
Video 63: Glossary: What They Mean


Digital marketing is a quickly-growing sector and SEO has emerged as the most sought-after skill in this field. As reported by Smart Insights and CMO, there are over ten thousand job openings that require knowledge of this particular skill.

Benefits of enrolling in a SEO COURSE

Benefit #1

Gain a better understanding of how search engine algorithms work, which is essential in optimizing websites for higher rankings and visibility

Benefit #2

Learn the different techniques used to enhance website content to ensure that your pages appear at the top of relevant search results

Benefit #3

Earn as much as $25 per hour as a certified SEO specialist. The demand for SEO professionals is consistently growing


Rhen Cabales
Rhen Cabales
I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work as an intern with Elite VA. Throughout my time with the company, I have learned so much about the industry and gained valuable experience that will undoubtedly be useful in my future career. Their guidance, support, and encouragement have helped me to overcome challenges and achieve my goals. I am truly grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with me, and for the patience they have shown in answering my questions and helping me to develop my skills.
irene reyes
irene reyes
Enrolling in Elite VA Experts' courses is highly beneficial to me as a freelancer. They help me to develop new skills and knowledge relevant to the virtual assistance industry. I appreciated the feedback from the trainers, which helped me gain a better understanding of the course. If you are seeking to enhance your skills and acquire significant experience in freelancing, I strongly suggest considering Elite VA Experts' program courses.
Faith Cruz
Faith Cruz
Had a lot of knowledge on what Virtual Assistants usually work on. Also, the coaches are very helpful and makes you feel valued.
Zoey Coronado
Zoey Coronado
Elite VA Experts is the perfect VA skills training for those looking to up their game. Not only did I learn a ton of valuable skills, such as Copywriting, SEO, Business Analytics and WordPress, but also their coaches were incredibly approachable and patient. They took the time to answer every single question I had and provided real-world examples that made it easier to comprehend the material. Highly recommend Elite VA Experts as a top-notch training program!
Ana Olvs
Ana Olvs
I have a great internship with Elite VA Experts, and I gained valuable knowledge and experience. I am grateful for all the learning and teaching that our kind and dedicated mentors and coaches have shared with us.
Jennefer Mojica
Jennefer Mojica
It was an overwhelming experience to have an opportunity to join the Elite VA Experts Internship program. Not just ordinary training but an extensive one. Everyone on the team was so amazing in sharing their expertise and knowledge as VA experts. They are very approachable and will give you all the support you need on your VA journey. You'll also get a chance to have an access to all tools you need. They will also assign you tasks after each training to make sure you comprehend and are able to put what you have learned into practice and then they will give you comments and feedback for improvement and that's what I love about this program. The pressure to finish a specific task in a specific amount of time will also teach you how to manage your time. If you want to expand your knowledge of freelancing, there are many courses you may enroll in. This Elite VA Experts deserves a high rating.
Charmaine Herrera
Charmaine Herrera
I am so lucky to be one who got an opportunity to participate in the Elite VA Experts' training courses and I am so glad I did! The course material was comprehensive and well-structured, and the coaches were knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a great deal and even got to put my new skills into practice with a real-world project. The trainers offered plenty of individualized feedback to help me understand the courses better and I really enjoyed the interactive and supportive community. I highly recommend Elite VA Experts' program courses to anyone looking to upskill and gain valuable experience in Virtual World.
Cielo Arzaga
Cielo Arzaga
I had the wonderful opportunity to take some of Elite VA Experts' courses, and wow, was I impressed! The course content was more than relevant, from customer service strategies to time management hacks! Therefore, it was my pleasure to rate their services 5/5 stars.

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